AIN’T IT COOL NEWS                          NOVEMBER 8, 1999 

The film centers around Tim Daly who has an experience that makes him realize his inability to keep a relationship. He leaves town to go to a funeral, and decides to meet all of his serious girlfriends from the past along the way. He wants to talk to all of his old girlfrends and find out the real reasons for their breakup and maybe find out why he still hasn't found that 'one.'

 “… the movie is a wonderfully hilarious movie that never stops providing funny situations. Tim Daly provides an arrogant charm that pushes the film along quite nicely, and we are able to relate to a real person, not just a 2-dimensional flake. All of the supporting women give in great comedic performances, and there is a totally unexpected scene with Mimi Rogers that sent the audience in an uproar of laughter and disgust. This is also not a pg-13 film, while there are scenes of nudity and sexual situations, it is not thrown at you in the immature stylings of American Pie. The scenes are actually unexpected, and handled with finesse by the actors.


 HOLLYWOOD REPORTER                   NOVEMBER 23, 1999

 ‘Girlfriends’ Unlucky in Love, Not Laugh

Tim Daly is winning in a wild survey of one man’s romantic failings

  Right from the beginning, wacky romantic comedy “Seven Girlfriends” clues you in to its audaciousness, with a surprising opening sequence that effectively induces gasps as well as laughs. Not everything that follows is as wittily brazen, but the film scores enough grins to be a genuine audience pleaser. This Tim Daly starrer recently played at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, where it was awarded the jury prize for best world premiere.

         Thematically if not stylistically similar to the 1979 feature “Old Boyfriends,” the film concerns a romantic crisis suffered by Jesse (Daly), a thirty-something chef despairing of his inability to sustain a committed relationship. When one of his ex’s, Anabeth (Laura Leighton), is suddenly killed, it leads Jesse first to propose to his current girlfriend and boss Hannah (Olivia D’Abo). When she turns him down, he begins a road trip around the country to confront each of his past loves to determine what went wrong with the relationship. Daly is entirely appealing as the emotionally beleaguered Jesse and is very funny indeed with his perfectly rendered deadpan reactions to a litany of ever-increasing humiliations.



MIAMI HERALD                                     NOVEMBER 5, 1999


“… an auspicious debut for Lazarus and is dosed with enough strong moments - like a surprise (to Jesse) lesbian baby shower featuring Elizabeth Peña (Lone Star) - to make the entire package worthwhile.”



WINSTON SALEM JOURNAL                     DECEMBER 3, 1999


 PAUL LAZARUS is the director of Seven Girlfriends, an enjoyable romantic comedy starring Tim Daly, Olivia D’Abo, Mimi Rogers, and Arye Gross, which made its world premiere at the festival.

         “We were warmly welcomed, and the people (here) have been extraordinarily gracious,” he said. “They made the premiere showing an event. Buyers are seeing it and the press is seeing it. More national press is seeing it than I expected.”

         Lazarus said that the film was shot in 27 days last winter and cost less than $5 million to make. Yet it took nearly seven years for the film to get made. “The standard joke is a year for each girlfriend,” Lazarus said.

Yet even with a name cast, distributors haven’t scooped it up yet. “Some people (in the business) perceive it as a ‘tweener’ – they see it as a TV cast and not a film cast,” said Barry Opper, the film’s co-producer.

Evidently, observers at the festival disagreed: The first showing was a sell out, and Seven Girlfriends later won the World Premiere Award.