“Seven Girlfriends” is a romantic comedy about Jesse,  a man in his mid-thirties, who has arrived at a crisis point in his life because he can’t maintain a successful relationship.   Five years ago Jesse almost married Anabeth, but he screwed up. (He messed around with her best friend.)  Our story begins when Jesse witnesses (actually overhears via carphone) Anabeth’s darkly comic accidental death.  Jesse panics.  He proposes to Hannah -- his boss and most recent attempt at monogamy.  When she rejects him, Jesse goes on a journey to visit all his major past relationships.  Jesse is desperate to find out what he’s been doing wrong and to fix the mistakes he’s made.  He revisits five of his former girlfriends.  The encounters are comic, surprising and revelatory.  He manages to convert Anabeth’s funeral into an occasion no one will ever forget.  Finally, Jesse begins afresh with Laura, a friend from the past, whom he remeets along the way.